Who am I?

Iwas born in Krakow, Poland.  Graduated from Silesian University, Cinematography Dept. I have been working as a director (or DP) on music videos, commercials, documentaries. I was a part of AH1N1 – team which primary intention was to shoot virals.


2019 – CAMERIMAGE – konkurs “Fundusze Europejskie w kadrze” – Grand Prix za film “Pałac w Korczewie” dla MJWPU

2017 – Employer Branding Excellence Award – Grand Prix in the Film category for “8 HRS” – Codewise campaign

2014 – “Kreatura” Commercial Contest – honorable mention – open category – “Zrobimy cię na biało” – Atlas campaign

2010 – “Kreatura” Commercial Contest – Ist Prize in Ambient/Event category, project “Sleeping” for  “Akogo?” Ewa Blaszczyk Foundation

2008 – “Golden Eagles” Polish National Commercial Contest  – honorable mention for visual campaign Discovery History “Find Your Own History”

2002 – Polish Music Videos Festival – Grand Prix for “Dzisiaj mnie kochasz, jutro nienawidzisz” Sweet Noise feat. Anna Maria Jopek

1998 – Eurounderground Film Festival – Audience Prize for short “IZAJASZ 44, 9-20”